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GARCÍA DE PAREDES CONSULTORES is dedicated to global consulting in the field of international societies and international tax planning. Through our affiliate offices, we can offer a wide first-class range of both legal and financial services. Our standards are set to provide a fast and high-quality service to our customers. Our philosophy is to know the client, their business activities, etc. It is our main concern to avoid difficult clients with unclear activities or who intend to operate on the fringes of the law. We offer the incorporation of companies in different places such as:

Incorporation of companies with current accounts in the most important financial centres in the world, Europe, Asia and America.

Incorporation and guidance on international societies and also national and international tax planning advice. We are specialists.

International legal services, international trade, tax, tax law, patents and brands, successions and donations, foundations and international companies within the legal framework. Contacts with financial institutions at the highest standard.

Our firm is mainly focused on international tax, banking and financial law, maintaining important contacts in different top-rated international companies.

We hope to be useful in the following areas:

Incorporation of companies and residence in other countries of the EU and overseas.

With services focused on obtaining tax advantages within the European Union, of people who want to change their fiscal tax residence abroad and relocate their business in these places, we always facilitate this type of procedures under the tax law of the receiving countries, reporting these activities to the relevant tax authorities of the country of origin.


In our office in Madrid we are specialists in global tax planning, tax issues, inspections, hereditary liquidations and local and international tax advice.

Banking services

Get higher interest rates placing your money in places of greater profitability, as triple a Swiss or Asian banks, reporting these movements of capital to the Treasury Office without incurring in any illegality but getting interest rates which improve by far those offered by domestic banks. We present our clients to banks of great prestige, where you can find personalized private first class services with portfolios of different types, from the most conservative and guaranteed banking to other more risky but with greater benefits. We facilitate this relationship by only presenting and introducing the client to the Bank.

Incorporation of international companies

Wherever you need these services they are our speciality, check prices and conditions.



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